The Organisers

The Gothic Reading Group is organised by a team of friendly PhD students in the School of English. Say hello if you cross paths with them!

Lauren Nixon - Lauren is a 3rd year PhD student researching masculinity, the military, and the Gothic tradition in the late 18th / early 19th century.  She contributes to the blog and co-manages the reading group, online content, and Sheffield Gothic events. She's a Jane Austen expert with an amazing bonnet collection, but she is occasionally plagued by a demon monkey whenever she has too much caffeine. You can find her on twitter at @literaryla.

Mary 'Maz' Going - Mary is a 2nd year PhD student researching the representation of Jews in 18th & 19th century fiction. She runs the 'Reimagining the Gothic' twitter as well as this blog and the Reimagining project website, provides blog content, and co-manages the reading group and Sheffield Gothic events.  She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. You can follow 'Reimagining the Gothic' on twitter at @TheReimagining
and you can follow Mary at @MazGoing.

Carly Stevenson - Carly is a 3rd year PhD student examining conceptualizations of death in British literature.  Keats and Shelley are her homeboys. She is in charge of the Sheffield Gothic twitter account, which you can follow at @SheffieldGothic
, and also provides blog content and film reviews that will make you Scream.  You can follow Carly at @stevenoncarly.

Hannah Moss - Hannah is a 2nd year PhD student researching perceptions of art and architecture in Eighteenth Century Literature. When not reading Gothic novels, she can be found wandering Gothic ruins and old country house libraries. Hannah helps run Gothic events and provides blog content, and you can find her at @HannahMoss86.

Kathleen Hudson - Kathleen is a final year PhD student researching the role of servant narrative in early Gothic novels. Ok, actually she’s Dr. Hudson now and has passed onto life on the other side of the PhD, and is currently located in America – but she remains part of Sheffield Gothic in spirit! We contact her through various hoodoo and magic rituals…plus the internet. She still provides blog content, and can actually cook the stuff inside a pumpkin - probably through some kind of witchcraft so if you’re stateside keep an eye out.  You can follow her on twitter at @kathleenh42, visit her page, and follow her ‘Servants and the Gothic project’ at @gothicservants.

Mark Bennett - Mark is a final year PhD student and teaching assistant at The University of Sheffield, researching the relationship between different forms of travel-writing and the emergence of a Gothic imagination in late eighteenth-century Britain. He's not around as much anymore but he's still pretty much the Gothic godfather in charge of technical questions and profound insights. Mark has a personal website and a page on but mainly uses these to catch virtual tumbleweed. He dreams of going on a road-trip with William Gilpin

All members of Sheffield Gothic can be contacted through the Sheffield Gothic email account:

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