Monday, 16 May 2016

Post-Mortem: Reimagining the Gothic, Monsters and Monstrosities

For an event that began life as a half-baked idea discussed on a train station bench, it’s astounding how "Reimagining the Gothic" has grown. Now on its second year, "Reimaginings" has expanded to include participants from all over the UK and beyond, and has inspired the development of a number of websites, networks, and other Gothic resources.

Dr. Katy Soar presents her interdisciplinary paper on archaeology and the Gothic

But whilst we would love to take all the credit for how quickly "Reimaginings" has taken off, it really is down to our amazing contributors. We actually do relatively little besides facilitate and promote the fantastic research our contributors create. This year we were able to expand "Reimagining the Gothic" into a two day event, separating the symposium and the showcase. We were fortunate to receive a number of diverse and unique abstracts, which proved to be fascinating papers on everything from vampiric trees to pop up books. At our showcase, we were able to host papers accompanied by dramatic readings and audio-visual presentations alongside creative projects. We even featured a book launch!

Sarah Keegan and Camilla Prince discuss Sarah's make-up and prosthetic display 

The Gothic has always been a genre, form and area of academic focus that has invited and encouraged us to look beyond the traditional, to reconsider and (forgive me) reimagine culture and society. With "Reimagining the Gothic", we aimed to create an event that bought academics together with artists and to break the boundaries between academia and the public. With this year’s Reimagining the Gothic: Monsters and Monstrosities, we demonstrated the real scope and potential within the Gothic for new conversations and perspectives. 

Yin-Hsuan Liang shows off her mask
Sandra Mills presents her paper at the symposium

Jennifer Richards and Evan Hayles Glendhill discuss their research 

Dr. Xavier Aldana Reyes gives the public lecture on 'Re-thinking the Monstrous-Feminine" at the showcase

Steven Guscott launches his new book "The Diary of V. Frankenstein" 

Getting our nails done at the charity nail bar

Jen Baker makes a mask in the Lil' Monsters Children's Corner

Evan Hayles Gledhill and Ellie Waters enjoy some Cake and Death!!


For us at Sheffield Gothic, it was an honour to host so many fantastic speakers and presenters- I can only hope that next year we can continue our quest for total world domination!

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