Friday, 21 October 2016

Reimagining the Gothic 2017 - Gothic Spaces

Sheffield Gothic is pleased to announce its new 2017 symposium and showcase event: 

Reimagining Gothic: Gothic Spaces

What is dead may never die: Reimagining the Gothic is returning. Now in its third year, Reimagining the Gothic is ongoing project created and run by the Centre for the History of the Gothic’s postgraduate team- better known as Sheffield Gothic. Reimagining the Gothic is an ongoing project that seeks to explore how the Gothic can be re-read, re-analysed, and re-imagined through academic, interdisciplinary and creative methods. Rising once again, the focus for Reimagining the Gothic 2017 will be ‘Gothic Spaces’.

As ever, the theme is open to individual interpretation and interdisciplinary submissions are welcome. With Reimagining the Gothic: Gothic Spaces we hope to explore the use of Spaces within the Gothic: how space has developed over the decades (from architecture, urban, and eco spaces), the ways that space is used to reflect and explore key themes of the Gothic, and to what extent spaces are integral to the Gothic genre. As with previous years, we encourage both public interest and new academic avenues from students and scholars who wish to present on the Gothic using interdisciplinary and creative methods.

This year’s event will take place on the 12th and 13th of May, with some small changes to the format. We were honoured and overwhelmed with the interest and submissions for last year’s symposium and so for this year we’ve extended the event to all day Friday and Saturday morning, accommodate more speakers. Our showcase, which utilises creative methods and mediums to explore the theme, will take place on Saturday afternoon.

The nature of the event means that the criteria for submissions is extremely open, and we welcome papers from any discipline including, but not limited to:
  • · Film Studies and Media
  • · Science and the History of Science
  • · History and Archaeology
  • · Landscape
  • · Architecture
  • · Gender Studies
  • · Music
  • · Theology and Biblical Studies
  • · East Asian Studies

Reimagining the Gothic’s aim has always been to encourage and explore new avenues for Gothic study. In addition to traditional academic papers, this year we will also be inviting submissions for what we’re tentatively terming ‘creative’ papers: papers accompanied, interceded or centred on a creative piece such as a dramatic reading, artwork, an audio-visual presentation or music. Rather than the standard 20 minutes, to accommodate the creative or performative aspects, the time limit for these papers will be 30 to 40 minutes.

Have you a keen eye for ruins? Poetic musings on post-colonial Gothic? We once again seek those who fancy turning their hands and minds to a creative project, this year exploring Gothic Spaces. Projects will be displayed during the showcase, which will be open to the public. Examples of previous projects can be found residing on our website:

If you’d like to submit, then please see our CFP for further information. If you’d like to know more about the event, then email us at or, for details on last year, visit

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