Friday, 3 February 2017

Gothic Bible 2017

Sheffield Gothic and SIIBS are pleased to announce an interdisciplinary one day conference exploring the theme 'Gothic Bible' to be held at the University of Sheffield on 31st October 2017. This event is part of the Gothic Bible project, which is a collaborative project between SIIBS, The Centre for the History of the Gothic, and the University of Auckland. Please see the CFP below or download it here:

In conjuction with this event, and as part of the Gothic Bible project, Sheffield Gothic will also be hosting an ongoing Gothic Bible blog series exploring the broad theme of 'Gothic Bible.' As always, blog posts can be an informal and fun way to explore a topic that interests you, whether it be through a TV series, a film, a book, or a particular bible passage, narrative, or character. Extensive knowledge of the Bible, Biblical Studies, or the Gothic is not required - so if you want to explore the Gothic Bible theme, and want to blog for the Gothic Bible series, get in touch!

For more information about the conference, the blog series, or the Gothic Bible project, please email us at or contact us on twitter at @GothicBible.

You can also view the project website - where you can find details about the project, future events, and the project leads - at:

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