Friday, 20 October 2017

Conference Alert: Contested Inheritances, 1750-1830

Saturday, 28th October at Kings Manor, University of York

Contested Inheritances sets out to explore the plurality of historical representations and the contestation surrounding interpretations of national pasts. Focusing on Britain in the long eighteenth century, the topics we hope to explore on this day will include:
Antiquarianism and related modes of interpreting the past
Allegorical representations of British history to critique and transform the eighteenth century present and its national institutions
Ways in which the past was made accessible and entertaining to contemporary eighteenth-century audiences

In particular, we are interested in exploring how contested interpretations of the past were deployed by creative thinkers experimenting with constitutive elements of national identity.

Contested Inheritances promises to be an excellent day, with a wide variation of topics and focus within the period. Both Sheffield Gothic co-organiser, Lauren Nixon and Centre for the History of the Gothic member Dr Hamish Mathison will be presenting.

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