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Sheffield Gothic: Where you can find Cake and Death...

Who are Sheffield Gothic?
Sheffield Gothic is a collective group of Postgraduate Students in the School of English at The University of Sheffield with a shared interest in all things Gothic. The Group is part of The Centre for the History of the Gothic, and helps to organise events hosted by the Centre, as well as creating and organising the Gothic Reading Group, the Reimaging the Gothic Project, and other events. Sheffield Gothic also curates the Sheffield Gothic blog and the Reimaging the Gothic project Website. We are a friendly team of PhD students, and if you want to know more about who we are check out our Organisers Page.

What is the Gothic Reading Group?
The Gothic Reading Group brings together undergraduates, MA students, PhD students, and staff across the University of Sheffield to discuss anything dark, spooky, and, of course, Gothic. We meet a few times a term to discuss a range of texts from film, novels, poems, plays and in relation to the Gothic, which has led to the creation of one of our most used phrases (and hashtags): #ButIsItGothic. Our meetings are relaxed and informal with no requirements beyond an interest (or curiosity in) the Gothic and the time to read our chosen film or watch a film with us…the chat about it with some cake. Attendance and membership is completely open and everyone is free to suggest texts or films for discussion. #CakeAndDeath

What is the Reimagining the Gothic Project?
Reimagining the Gothic is an ongoing project that seeks to explore how the Gothic can be re-read, re-analysed, and re-imagined. We encourage both public interest and new academic avenues from students and scholars who wish to present of the Gothic using interdisciplinary avenues and creative methods. The project was initially created as a one off event in May 2015 comprising of a one day Symposium and Creative Showcase, and bringing together academic papers and creative projects exploring the theme ‘Reimagining the Gothic.’ Following the success, the project has since expanded and 2019 will see the fifth annual Reimagining the Gothic Symposium and Creative Showcase - 'Reimagining the Gothic vol. 5: Returns, Revenge, Reckonings' - which will be back in its usual May slot and take place from 10-12 May. In 2016 we also launched a project website [] which hosts academic papers and creative projects online from the event itself, but also open to contributions from those unable to attend. The Project has generously received funding from the AHPGR Forum at the University of Sheffield, the Alumni Foundation at the University of Sheffield, and from the International Gothic Association, and Sheffield Gothic are extremely grateful for this support.  #GothsAssemble

Other Projects:
In 2016 we hosted a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon in conjunction with The University of Edinburgh and Wikimedia. The aim of the Gothic themed Edit-A-Thons in Sheffield and Edinburgh was to improve Gothic related content on Wikipedia by gathering both experienced academics and members of the public. 

Sheffield Gothic has with SIIBS and The University of Auckland to create The Gothic Bible Project. The project hosted its inaugural conference on 31st October 2017, and also launched its 'Gothic Bible Blog Series' which you can find here. The project has also announced its second conference, 'Buffy and the Bible' to be hosted at the University of Sheffield on 4-5 July 2019 (you can find more details here). To find out more about this project please visit the website or email #GothicBible

In 2018, our Reimagining the Gothic Project spawned Gaming the Gothic, which hosted its inaugural conference on Friday 13th April 2018. Examining the meeting of Gothic and Game Studies, this event was generously funded by WROCAH and also featured a charity games arcade.

How Can I Get Involved?
Sheffield Gothic is keen to explore and support new avenues of Gothic scholarship and interest. If you are interested in the Gothic in any way – be it part of your own research, a new area of research you would like to explore, or simply just something you are interested in – then get involved! Feel free to drop into one of our reading groups or get involved with our regular live-tweeting of each session.

Throughout the year we regularly post content on this site including blog posts, and if you would like to offer your services as a blogger then do get in touch. Getting involved with the blog is a great opportunity to try your hand and writing content for web platforms and an extra-curricular opportunity to enhance your C.V. If you are interested in submitting a blog then check out our ‘Blog for Us!’ page or simply drop us an email.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our various events and projects where everyone is welcome to get involved, contribute to the event, or simply come along. Alternatively, if you want to collaborate with Sheffield Gothic then contact us via email. #GothsAssemble

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